Jun 27, 2021 | Cory Pitts

What Does It Take? FOCUS

Luke 7:37-46


“What Does It Take? FOCUS"

Luke 7:36-47


Key Truth: Your need determines your focus. Your focus determines your presence.  Your presence determines your connection.


You can create Christlike connections by:

1)   Focusing your thoughts on the Lord. (Luke 7:36-40)

Do an “I” exam:

A)   Who am I in God’s eyes?

B)   How am I gifted by God?

C)   What am I called by God to do?


2)   Focusing on the person, not the problem. (Luke 7:41-47)

A)   Who are they in God’s eyes?

B)   What does God want for them?

C)   How can I join in the Lord’s work in their life?

Illustration: “I can do that?!”


3)   Focusing on a gospel-centered connection. (Luke 7:48-50)

A)   Pray specifically.

B)   Be intentional.

C)   Act.

Final Thought:  Believers who love one another well and focus on gospel-centered connections will have a huge impact in our world.  Be that kind of Christian.

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