Residency Program


The residency is a one-year program. It consists of a 20-hour workweek that includes an immersive ministry experience. With a focus on biblical study, spiritual disciplines, and leadership development, the residents will work in their assigned ministry area with the guidance of their pastor/mentor.


As you step into your calling, spend one year serving where you can be mentored in ministry. 

The residency program prepares the next generation of local church leaders for ministry. This happens by providing residents with an immersive ministry experience. Residents will gain the biblical teaching and practical experience necessary to launch them into local church ministry.


Ministry training areas include the following:

 Pastoral Leadership




Adult Groups

Student Ministry

Kids Ministry






What is the goal of the program?
The goal of the New Work Fellowship Residency Program is to provide an immersive ministry experience for those who desire to take their first steps into local church ministry.


How long is the residency program?
The New Work Fellowship residency is a one-year program.  Lasting from June through May.


What are qualifications for residents?
Ideally, residents will have experienced a call to full-time Christian ministry and completed their college degree.  College or seminary students looking to take a gap year are also good candidates.  The program is for individuals who are sure about their call to local church ministry and would benefit from a year of intentional ministry training and mentorship.


What is the time commitment for residents?
Residents are required to be present for the full 20-hour weekly schedule.  The program schedule should be the primary commitment for the resident.


Do residents have to live in Hopkinsville?
Yes, residents must live in Hopkinsville.  In order to have an immersive experience, it is best for residents to live in the same community where they minister.


What does New Work Fellowship provide?
Residents will be provided housing, a monthly stipend for living expenses, travel expenses for ministry-related travel, and program materials.


Can residents work another job or take online classes?
Yes, residents may work an additional part-time, 15-hour or less, job.  It is also permissible to take online classes.  While it is permissible to work another part-time job or take online classes (seminary, etc.), the practical experience gained by working in the local church (New Work) is the primary goal for the residency program.


What is the resident experience like?
The residency program provides much more than just classroom teaching (although it does include that). Residents get to experience living and serving together in a close community that is authentic, caring, and fun. The goal is not to simply fill your head with knowledge, but to encourage your heart to fall more in love with Christ and give you a vision of what a healthy local church looks like.
Each Resident has a primary ministry team that they serve with, although there are also opportunities to gain experience by working with other teams. You can specialize in any area, from Student Ministry to Pastoral Care to Worship. Besides doing impactful ministry work, residents also receive coaching and development from others on the team.



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