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Jan 22, 2023 | Michael Shearon

Jesus in You: Biblically Serious

Acts 2:14-41

When the Holy Spirit comes - the first thing (priority) that happens is that God's Word is made clear. A lot of time, we get all entangled in the debate about how the disciples spoke in these languages. And be sure, it is clear, they were speaking known languages here (not unknown tongue). But the purpose and the reason and the result of their speaking was to make the Word of God known. To all people. God's Word is the serious work of the people of God. This is why you need to be in chairtime - every year, every day . This is why you need to be in small groups with other believers breaking open the Word of God - every week with consistency and commitment. Knowing the Word of God, making know the Word of God is the central work of the church.

Three things about the Holy Spirit that we can see from Acts 2.

  • The Holy Spirit comes in power to make the impossible possible. Acts 2:14-17
  • The Holy Spirit points out the problem. Acts 2:22-23
  • The Holy Spirit points out the problem for the purpose of repentance. Acts 2:36-38, 41

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