In Training … for the Life to Come

Jun 17, 2018 | Josh Hensley

In Training… for the Life to Come: Get Into Worship

Romans 12:1-2

In Training… for the life to come

Get Into Worship

Romans 12:1-2


To work or to worship in service to the Lord.
(Ex. 34:21, Ps. 104:23, Ex. 8:1, Joshua 24:15)

              How do you lead your home in Biblical Worship?

1. For you to lead it, you have to live it. (Romans 12:1-2)

a.) Dos (…be a living sacrifice. (v.1))
i. Well done & Well said
ii. Model it in the home

b.) DON’Ts (…copy the patterns of this world. (v.2))
i. Cower into Comfort
ii. Cruise Control
iii. Not everything is a teaching moment

2. Intentionally capitalize on God-given Opportunities (Eph.5:15-17)

Illus. Marbles

Final thought: Be intentional about making your home a place of worship.

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Spiritual Disciplines made simple. Healthy habits that prepare us for the Hot Topics of this age. This series will help you put your hand on the rope for the journey of spiritual growth and development.

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