Grace Made Visible

Jun 09, 2019 | Cory Pitts

Grace Made Visible in the Church- Jesus Prayed for It

John 17:20-24

Grace Made Visible in The Church

Jesus Prayed for it.

John 17:20-24


 1.  One of Jesus’ greatest desires is for Christians to be unified. (John 17:20-21)

     a. How can all believers be unified?

  1. In the essentials, Unity.
  2. In the non-essentials, liberty.
  3. In all things, love.

 2.   Jesus wants the world to see God’s grace in you. (John 17:22-23)

  1. What is God’s best plan?
  2. Do you want God’s best plan for others?

3. Jesus longs for all of us to be with (John 17:24)

  1. How can I be accepting of others without slipping into tolerance or rejection?
    1. Know what you believe about yourself:
      1. Created in the image of God.
      2. Called into relationship with Him.
      3. Indwelt by the Holy Spirit.
      4. Empowered to be an ambassador for Christ in bringing healing to a broken world.
    2. Do you want that for others? Then extend that same belief to them.

Final Thought: “Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory.” (Romans 15:7)

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The world is desperate to see God’s vision of the church. But instead of the beautiful bride of Christ, the world often sees a judgmental, hypocritical people. But the church is to be Grace Made Visible. Jesus declared that the very thing that makes grace visible in the world is in our love for one another. When we are “one”, others will know we are his disciples. In other words, God’s grace in us becomes visible when we love one another well.

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