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This series focuses on the identity, purpose, equipping, and work of the Church. The Church is the body of believers (local and global) who confess Christ as the Messiah and follow him.  This series seeks to build enthusiasm for the church and lift up the value of joining God in His work through the Church.

Flipped: How Jesus Turned the World Upside Down

There is a theme of Kingdom reversal that runs throughout scripture.  God reverses or flips the typical world order. The principle of reversal also characterizes the very nature of the church.  In 1 Corinthians Paul speaks of God’s calling of the Corinthians in their low state.  However, God used them instead of the powerful. 

Words To Live by

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus announces his purpose regarding the Law.  He did not come to erase or minimize the law of Moses, but rather to fulfill it.  He then makes a series of “you have heard” statements.  He addresses the common teaching around anger, integrity, and love in these statements, but then shows how each of these should be fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.  Jesus’ words are to be the foundation of how we live as believers.  In our world, the common understanding of anger, integrity, and love are centered around what is best for “self.”  What would it be like if believers lived according to Jesus words?  “But I say…”  These are words to live by. 

In the Waiting

Waiting is a part of life. We often are left wondering why is waiting such a big part of life. We need to know how the Lord uses waiting. We need to figure out what we are to do in the waiting. And We are to understand that there surely will come a day when we are to cease waiting—and move! How do we wait well?

Collapse: Finding God at the End of Me

When life crashes in upon you, where will you find your hope? David lamented in the aftermath of King Saul’s death, (2 Samuel 1:25), “Oh how the mighty have fallen.” That same reality will come to all of us. When life comes crashing in around you—and all you can do is collapse—you are in the right place to find God.

That's A Great Question

This series ideals with the tough questions of our day and age. How does the church respond to some of the accusations hurled toward Christian Faith?



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