The Game Is On

Aug 11, 2019 | Cliff Hines

It's A Friendly Game

The Game is on…

It’s a Friendly Game

Mark 2:1-12 page 600

It’s a Friendly Game when…

  1. You have faith and hope. Mark 2:1-3 pg 600
    1. Hope Fear Hebrews 11:1 pg 731 and Romans 8:18-25 pg 679
      1. Hope is expecting something good will happen
      2. Fear is expecting something bad will happen.
  1. You pay the promise forward. Mark 2:3-5 pg 600
    1. Promise Wish Hebrews 10:23-25 pg 731
      1. Promise is used for a desired outcome. A promise requires risk and responsibility.
      2. Wish is used for a change in situation. A wish is more hypothetical/magical change.
  1. You grow through the failure.  Mark 2:6-11 pg 600
    1. Failure Defeat 2 Peter 1:3-5a pg 741
      1. Failure is temporary. There is still hope.
      2. Defeat is permanent. There is only regret.

Never leave the field thinking you could have given more… So, are you willing to leave it all on the field?


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Most everyone who is a Christ follower wants to be able to share their faith, but they feel ill-equipped to do so. God’s word is like planting. When you share the seed, you will see a harvest. Get into the harvest. The fields are ripe.

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