This series is a vision declaration to the church of where we are headed; by the grace and goodness of God. We exist so every Man, Woman and Child, might have the opportunity to Know Christ, Grow in Christ, and Go as the body of Christ. What does that mean? How is God calling us to fulfill that calling? This series will be the result of a year-long effort with the leadership team to understand our vision. We will unpack the key components of the vision God has given us.

This message is the overview of the entire series. The message talks the church through the process that brought us to this moment. What you will hear over the next few messages is the roadmap of where we are going. It is our hope and prayer that you will resolve to go with us. Not just “go along” but be all in. Where God is taking us is going to demand the best from all of us. It is a noble calling, because EVERY Man, woman, and child … is at stake.

As the leadership's vision became clearer, we seemed to keep coming back to the key of kingdom diversity. There must be a church in our community that figures this out, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We believe God has called us to this. Throughout the bible, it seems that it is constant—God is calling all people to himself. We are to be “one blood”.

The Word and Prayer are the two keys for us to hear from God. Devotion to the word and prayer impacts everything in the believer and in the church. “When you read the Bible, you’ll soon discover God’s Word is reading you.”  God’s vision isn’t just for the church, it is for you.


God’s vision for the church is for total life transformation. As the church becomes captivated by the vision of God and committed to the Word and Prayer—transformation begins to show up in every facet of the church: leadership, generosity, families, marriages, parenting, kids ministry, student ministry. Transformation becomes evident when we are totally transformed. This vision “changes” everything in you and about you.


God is on a quest of world transformation. Why can’t it start in Hopkinsville? Why can’t we, before we die, experience a great movement of God that changes the world in which we live? There is no reason to assume that it cannot happen here. So this is the vision to which we will give ourselves. It is a vision that will transform Hopkinsville, Christian County, this region, and the ends of the earth. No matter what you imagine—God says, “I have more”.  May we passionately, and unapologetically give ourselves to His “More”.

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